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CoFit Movement was born from the simple idea that fitness can be designed and used to connect people. This thought process was inspired from SOGO Fitness, a non-profit fitness community empowerment platform that started in Tokyo, Japan. The inclusive and social community culture within SOGO naturally lead to more and more interactive partner and group workouts over time that came to define its weekly bootcamps.

The founders of CoFit strongly believed that this type of interactive fitness could benefit the world beyond the realm of fitness communities. However, it would be necessary to refine, develop and adapt this concept to be better suited to different demographics.

CoFit and Connection Fitness were conceived to realize this dream.

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A happier, healthier, and more empathetic world through Connection Fitness.


To develop innovative Connection Fitness programs, services, and content, and promote it globally.


  1. Program Creation | Legitimize and promote Connection Fitness through the creation of certification programs and educational content.
  2. Corporate Services | Develop globally scalable corporate programs and services that emphasize inclusion, accessibility, team building, self-development, and employee happiness.
  3. Fitness Innovation | Create innovative products, services, and content that furthers the tenets of Connection Fitness across industries and societies.


CoFit Coach Leo Fuchigami

Leo Fuchigami | Founder

Leo is passionate about connecting people through fitness and empowering community leaders around the world. He is the Director of Community at SOGO Fitness, a non-profit fitness community empowerment platform based in Tokyo and an Asics ambassador as the captain of the SMSB Tokyo influencer team. An aspiring hyper-polyglot, he is the founder of Tokyo Trilinguals and speaks 5 languages. Born and raised a second-generation Japanese-Canadian, he calls Vancouver home and is currently based in Tokyo.


CoFit Coach Menya Hinga

Menya Hinga | Co-founder

Menya is passionate about bringing fun back into fitness. He has worked as a personal and group fitness trainer for the past 6 years, is a certified Animal Flow instructor, and co-founded Japan's largest fitness community, SOGO Fitness, in order to spread the love of health and wellness throughout Japan. He has helped transform the lives of clients, friends, and family from all over the world via 1-on-1 coaching, group training, workout programming, nutrition consulting and more. He is from Boston, speaks English and Japanese, and has spent the past 8 years living in Japan.


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