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Partner Resistance Training

essentials workshop

Every day, there is a new fitness gadget and craze, born and forgotten. Distracted by novelty, we forgot that our greatest tool has been with us all along.

No equipment. Just the strength in ours arms and the trust of a partner.
Partner Resistance Training is the celebration of the greatest tool of all: our bodies.

The foundation of Connection Fitness, CoFit Partner Resistance Training Essentials (PRT-E) is truly fitness that is designed to connect people. This unique training style allows practitioners to overcome the limits of bodyweight training without any specialized equipment or weights. All that is required to perform these stability and strength development exercises is the cooperation of a partner.

PRT-E Workshop Details

  • 3.5 hours
  • 16+ PRT exercises & 12 muscle groups
  • PRT-E workbook & certificate of completion
  • ¥10,000 / person
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Program Specifics

Why CoFit PRT-E

By attending this workshop, you will walk away confident in your ability to safely and effectively perform the core PRT exercises, as well as guide a first-time partner in performing the movements correctly.

What to Expect

Upon completion, you will obtain:

  1. A strong understanding of the core 30+ CoFit PRT-E exercises as well as their associated variations and progressions
  2. A solid foundation in partner resistance training theory and program design
  3. The confidence to guide a first-time partner through the movements safely and effectively
  4. The CoFit PRT-E Workbook
  5. A certificate of completion

Partner Resistance Training

Bodyweight exercises done in pairs where resistance is provided by the training partner. Unlike individual bodyweight training, partner resistance training allows the practitioner a wide range of resistance levels, similar to weight lifting, but without any specialized equipment.

In each case, there is a mover that performs the exercises and resistor that provides manual resistance.

Use Cases

Partner resistance training is suitable both as a primary form of exercise, as well as a supplementary routine. Due to the adaptability of the resistance, PRT exercises can be used to improve both stabilization as well as strength.

Primary Exercise

  • Personal training
  • Group fitness and boot camp classes
  • Fitness community workouts
  • Couple workouts at home

Supplementary Exercise

  • Weight lifting
  • HIIT circuit training
  • Dynamic warm-up

Partner training vs. partner “resistance” training

Partner training is a general category that includes:

  • Partner “supported” exercises – where one partner assists the movement of the other, rather than providing resistance.
  • Partner “reciprocated” exercises – where both partners perform identical movements in unison without providing manual resistance or manual support to one another.

Partner “resistance” training exercises are differentiated from other types of partner training by the following two criteria:

  1. There is a mover (a person performing the exercise) and a resister (a person providing resistance to the mover’s movement)
  2. The degree of resistance is determined by the resister, not the mover


  • No equipment or facility is necessary; 100% bodyweight training
  • Resistance can be adjusted for strength training similar to weight lifting
  • Can target all muscle groups
  • Communication and trust are developed between partners
  • An unlimited number of even-numbered participants can participate simultaneously


  • Can be difficult for partners with significant differences in strength or height
  • Maximum resistance is limited by the resistor’s strength
  • Difficult to measure and compare resistance

Who is it for?

Fitness Professionals

This workshop is primarily targeted at fitness professionals who want to learn how to incorporate partner resistance training exercises into their own teaching, training, and coaching practices. This includes personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physical education teachers, coaches, yoga instructors, and physical therapists.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Those that wish to learn the essential theories and exercises of partner resistance training for personal reasons may also attend in order to supplement their training routine. Partner resistance training is suitable for couple training, fitness community workouts and other social fitness activities.

*Note that completion of the CoFit PRT-E workshop does not certify you to teach group fitness. We strongly recommend that you complete a minimum of a personal training certificate or equivalent from an accredited association as a foundation for teaching/instructing.

Program Details



  • Origin
  • Manifesto

Theory & Concepts

  • Connection Fitness
  • Partner Resistance Training
  • Benefits
  • Structural Basics

Exercises by Muscle Groups

  • Mover / Resister Instructions
  • Cues
  • Progressions
  • Variations

Program Design

  • 3-day split routine
  • Partner Jam Session


  • Total program time: 4 hours
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Please bring a pen and wear fitness appropriate clothing to the workshop.
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