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Why Join the Movement?

By successfully completing a CoFit Workshop, you will:

  1. Obtain the fundamental knowledge necessary to safely and effectively apply the program exercises into your professional practice or personal routine
  2. Learn the cues, progressions, variations and suggested variations for a wide range of ability
  3. Become capable of guiding a new partner through the program exercises
  4. Have the underlying knowledge necessary to begin creatively testing and practicing new exercises beyond the program contents

Partner Resistance Training

The foundation of Connection Fitness, CoFit PRT Essentials is truly fitness that is designed to connect people. This unique training style allows practitioners to mimic the variable resistance of weight lifting without any specialized equipment. By attending this workshop, you will learn the 30 essential PRT exercises for the 15 major muscle groups.

This workshop is designed for physio therapists, personal trainers, group instructors and fitness enthusiasts.

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