Our Difference

CoFit coaches are uniquely qualified in the fitness industry as master community leaders and Connection Fitness instructors.

All CoFit Coaches:

  • Have extensive experience leading community-based fitness workouts
  • Are certified personal trainers, yoga instructors, or equivalent
  • Have a wide range of skills spanning fitness program creation, event management, coaching, teaching, and public speaking.
  • Bilingual with an international background.

Japan Team

CoFit Coach Leo Fuchigami

Leo Fuchigami | Founder

Leo is passionate about connecting people through fitness and empowering community leaders around the world. He is the Director of Community at SOGO Fitness, a non-profit fitness community empowerment platform based in Tokyo and an Asics ambassador as the captain of the SMSB Tokyo influencer team. An aspiring hyper-polyglot, he is the founder of Tokyo Trilinguals and speaks 5 languages. Born and raised a second-generation Japanese-Canadian, he calls Vancouver home and is currently based in Tokyo.


CoFit Coach Menya Hinga

Menya Hinga | Co-founder

Menya believes that given the appropriate tools and opportunity, anyone has the ability to do great things. He is the Co-founder and Director of Operations at SOGO Fitness, a non-profit fitness empowerment platform based in Tokyo, as well as an experienced personal trainer and certified Animal Flow instructor with a passion for functional movement. His other interests include soccer, cycling, reading, hiking, cooking, and playing piano. Born near Boston to parents from Kenya, he has lived in Japan for the past 8 years.



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