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Whether you are looking for a one-time ice breaker session for your next leadership training, or you want to develop a culture of connection and optimism within your organization through weekly sessions, we've got you covered. Our team of bilingual trainers have experience leading classes in everything from meetings rooms with no equipment, outdoor parks, multi-purpose rooms, and onsite gyms. So, whatever your workplace situation or office environment, we can bring the full CoFit experience to you.

Customer Voices

  • We asked Menya and Leo to run a bootcamp session for some of our important student ambassadors who lead our brand voice on campuses around Tokyo. It was amazing to see how the two can connect seamlessly with any audience and create a truly fun and unique experience for the students. The students were amazed by how much creativity and collaboration can go into workouts and wanted to try new workouts on their own campuses immediately.

    – Zac Oshima, Nike Japan

  • みんなができるスポーツを企画したいという思いがNike Campus Athletes にもありますが、SOGOで行われる運動は誰もが楽しめるスポーツだと思いました!今回のCoFitで遊具を使ったトレーニングを通じて新たな視点が得られました。ありがとうございました。

    – Nike Campus Athlete Ambassador

  • イベントの開催を企画する際に拠点の有無や用具等のことを考え、活動に制限がかかるように感じていましたが、SOGOの日常にあるものを活用して、体を動かす姿勢に驚き、大変勉強になりました。

    – Nike Campus Athlete Ambassador

  • It was a really fun way to approach exercise, with no limit on difficulty. You can really get a great workout in and have a good time doing it!

    – Kevin

  • CoFitの運動は、広いスペースや特別な器具がなくても、パートナーがいれば室内でも可能で気軽にできのに、その運動はバリエーション豊富で本格的なものでした!こんなやり方があるんだとビックリしました

    – Sho

  • The founders (Leo and Menya) are both very knowledgeable, passionate and kindhearted and as soon as you meet them, you immediately know that they are people who genuinely love helping others become better versions of themselves.
    As for the workshop, I am happy to report that I had a great time learning about the many varieties of PRT exercises and have started applying them to my daily life.

    Their instructions were easy to understand and while the workshop was 4 hours long, they kept everyone actively engaged and I never felt that I was overwhelmed or bored.

    – Jay

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